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Dimensional Metrology

The Aerosud dimensional metrology team of 5 metrologist’s that has more than 65 years combined experience.

​Dimensional inspection with accuracy and repeatability from 3μm.  A fixed measurement length of up to 8m and unlimited size portable measurement with laser scanning capability.

Dimensional inspection

Dimensional reporting

Result analysis

Statistical process control

CMM programming

Reverse engineering

CMM holding fixture design

​We are in the process of acquiring SANAS accreditation and approvals for dimensional instrument calibration.

Our Offer

Image by Greg Rosenke
Dimensional Inspection & Reporting
Image by Austin Distel
Results Analysis
Statistical process control
Typing on a Computer
CMM Programming
Engineering Plans
CMM holding fixture design
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Reverse engineering

The Team

Dermot Coughlan
Johan Botha
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