Dimensional Metrology

Aerosud Dimensional Metrology is focussed on providing accurate metrology services for the manufacturing sector.

The team consists of 5 metrologist’s with 65 years accumulative industry experience.

Our Dimensional Metrology division is in the process of acquiring SANAS accreditation and approvals for dimensional instrument calibration.

Metrology applications in the industrial sector increasingly demand pinpoint accuracy.

​With these high standards non-negotiable we offer dimensional inspection with accuracy and repeatability from 3μm.  A fixed measurement length of up to 8 meter and unlimited size portable measurement with laser scanning capability.


Dimensional inspection

Dimensional reporting

Result analysis

Statistical process control

CMM programming

Reverse engineering

CMM holding fixture design

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Our Offer

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Dimensional Inspection & Reporting

Using various coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology’s for accurate inspection. 


Graphical representation of inspected results.

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Results Analysis

Accurate evaluation of results to determine deviations

Statistical process control

Multiple sample inspection.

Typing on a Computer
CMM Programming

Using Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS)

Engineering Plans
CMM holding fixture design

CAD design of fixtures required to stabilise parts during the inspection phase.

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Reverse engineering

3-D CAD geometry and 2-D drawings, rebuilding mechanical models via CMM inspection and computer aided design (CAD).

The Team

Derick Bruce

Derick Bruce is a research and development engineer who joined Aerosud’s Research and Development department in January 2019.


His journey with Aerosud initially started in 2018 as he conducted his final year research and thesis as an engineering student. After completing his B.Eng Mechanical engineering degree at the North-West University, passing his thesis (Cum Laude), he joined the Research and Development team in January 2019.

Quality control formed part of his responsibilities since the beginning of his career, first at Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and later at Metrology.


Currently, his primary objective is to align and maintain Aerosud’s metrology operations with the ISO standard.

Johan Botha

Johan Botha has 30-years metrology experience in the aviation and automotive industry and have a passion for mechanical design and CAD modelling.


Johan previously worked in the automotive industry for companies like Nissan South Africa and ISE.


In 2002 he joined Aerosud Aviation to focus on metrology and inspection for the awarded Boeing program. 


He is currently involved with design in the R&D environment as well as managing the metrology team.

Dermot Coughlan

Dermot Coughlan has over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing sector and is Trade certified.

He joined Aerosud in 2014, and has been involved in Metrology ever since, becoming the lead programmer for Aerosud.

Proficient in CAD reverse engineering, programming and machine operation. He has gained experience though measuring of tools, individual parts and composites

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