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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation have become major strategic drivers to ensure future success. 


Many organisations do not know how to start this transformation process or how to use it to their benefit or why digital transformation even applies to them. Furthermore, when an organisation decides to embrace this change they face the challenge of where to find the applicable know-how to make the right changes and to deal with the issues that will be faced.


Future technology is not as daunting as it may seem but it does require decisive planning and actions in order for businesses to withstand the threat of disruption and to thrive in an ever evolving environment.


Over the past thirty years Aerosud has gained real-life skills and experience across multiple business functions and systems in the innovative and competitive world of aerospace design and manufacturing and has become an internationally recognised supplier to the most significant aircraft manufacturer’s such as Boeing and Airbus. With this experience we have developed unique techniques to deal with business challenges and to find new opportunities. We are product agnostic and focus on satisfying our customers’ needs through the leveraging of existing and new technologies, best practices, and our unique skill sets as well as being able to identify the right resources via access to best-of-breed eco-systems.


We believe that we can share and transfer our skills and know-how to other business in such a way that it provides workable solutions that have a measurable effect on the growth and development of a business.


Our services and offerings we provide range from fit for purpose Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions through to industrial and business process automation as well as lean and agile management methodologies. Included in our services and often overlooked are the softer skills that are crucial in order to ensure a successful transformation.


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