Integrated aviation

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Aerosud is an established leader in the South African aviation industry, and a recognised and respected brand in the very competitive international market place. Aerosud considers that its business, management and technical skills has the potential for long-term sustainability as a credible, commercially successful private business enterprise.
The Aerosud vision focuses on strong growth in four strategic areas:

Engineering programmes

With a recognised aeronautical engineering base as key to Aerosud's recognition as a "smart" supplier, capable of adding value to partnerships involving aviation-related programme management, design, development and production processes.

Production programmes

In chosen aviation-specific niches including aircraft structural fabrications, composites, thermoplastics and airline interiors systems. Aerosud focuses on production efficiency using the latest technologies and techniques, in the quest for ever-improving standards of quality, cost efficiency and timely delivery to its local and international client.

Partnerships with key OEM's

As the basis for deriving sustainable long-term production base load, with growth potential towards design participation.

Partnership with Government

In the articulation of key initiatives including job creation, education, training and skills transfer, and Black Economic Empowerment in general. Strong emphasis is placed on supplier development initiatives.

Partnership with SA Industry

Aerosud is a 50% shareholder in ANDTc, a local South African company which was established in 2003 by NDT Expert from France with the purpose of creating a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) centre of excellence in South Africa. ANDT

An established leader in the International aviation industry.

Aerosud was formed in 1990 with it's main focus on high engineering, low production volume programs.

In 2000 Aerosud embarked upon a major expansion of its production capabilities and capacity.